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Pale Blue Me | Shortfilm

Directors: Maurice Miller, Theresa Haas

Experimental shortfilm about the voyage of a young woman to be one with the universe. 
The story is told through a combination of live action, 2D animation and visual effects.

My tasks:
Storyboard, 3D and 2D Animation, 3D Scanning, Digital Actress Double, SFX




Starring: Nora Pider
Voice Over by: Amelia Kepler-Rozycki

Directed by: Maurice Miller, Theresa Haas
Story: Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller, Dominik Mayer
Screenplay by: Maurice Miller
Producer: Anna Niebert
Co-Producer: Theresa Haas
Director of Photography: Dominik Mayer
Art Directors: Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller
Set Decorators: Sandra Hofer, Lisa Sezen
Editor: Maurice Miller
Colorist: Franco Marko Avi
Gaffer: Franco Marko Avi
Best Boys: Maximilian Miller, Marko Andrea Weiss
Unit Manager, Script Continuity: Anna Niebert
1st Assistant Camera: Bernhard Schröcker
2st Assistant Camera: Cornelia Ohnmacht
Boom Operator: Thomas Mertlseder
Make-up Artist: Pia Selzer
Composers: Dominic Caudr, Jon Maynard
Sound Designer: Thomas Mertlseder

Storyboard Artist: Tanja Gruber
Graphic Designer: Claudia Wahlmüller
On Set Visual Effects Supervisor: Marko Andrea Weiss
3D Modelling, Texturing and Shading Artists: Tanja Gruber, Marko Andrea Weiss, Felix Weyss, Assen Stratiev
3D Animators: Felix Weyss, Tanja Gruber, Theresa Haas
Lighting and Rendering Artists: Marko Andrea Weiss, Tanja Gruber
FX Artists: Lukas Wagner, Tanja Gruber, Assen Stratiev
Compositors: Maurice Miller, Marko Andrea Weiss
2D Animation Artists: Theresa Haas, Tanja Gruber
Additional 2D Animation Artists: Dominik Mayer, Assen Stratiev, Felix Weyss
Special Effects Artists: Dominik Mayer, Theresa Haas, Maurice Miller, Tanja Gruber

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